Build World Class Business Skills While In College

Sigma Upsilon Mu (SUM) is an elite co-ed entrepreneurship fraternity at CSUF whose members have generated $2.5 Billion in revenue. Whether you want to build the next Google or get a job there, we help you.
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Statistics show 1 out of every 5 referrals get hired.
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Scholarship Opportunities

We created our scholarship for those who want to achieve beyond average results in life. A scholarship opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Scholars.
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Develop Yourself in Each of These Fields Through Entrepreneurial Principles

Human Resources

Learn new ways to refine your skills in an HR position, whether you’d like to apply it to your career or a business you create.

Marketing & Sales

Learn marketing/sales methods that cut your learning curve through our workshops with experienced mentors.

Pitching & Networking

Learn how to pitch yourself or your great idea, to an employer, investor or a potential business partner.


Learn how to manage a team through intentional methods of organization, planning and leadership styles.

Research & Dev

Learn how to recover and analyze data. We'll show how Research and Development can be used in any field.

Finance & Law

Learn the technical aspects of financial planning for your business and better approaches for monetary usage

Artificial intelligence

Apply artificial intelligence to any computer software to replace human intelligence. Cut down on cost and ramp up revenue.


Create the highest level of efficiency possible in your personal life, as a career choice, and in your business.

Our Mission

We believe that human potential is limitless, never settling for a mediocre life, and that actions speak louder than words. Through a continuous cycle of high achievement, brotherhood, leadership, and entrepreneurship principles, we create great members, that join great companies, that redefine the limits of what’s possible.

Through deeds not words, together, our sole mission is to continuously cultivate an ecosystem that develops the highest achievers in the world.


"Joining Sigma Upsilon Mu changed my perspective of the benefits of college and helped me land multiple internship opportunities."

Alex munayyer, Founder of the food tours

"When I first started college, I joined plenty of clubs and organizations. Sigma Upsilon Mu was the only one organization that I found that actually took building a business while in college seriously."

Boomer baker, CEO of Think66, bioletic technologies, ayli

"I joined SUM to surround myself with like-minded people, and I found so much more. My brothers and sisters are unique but bound through their HUNGER to achieve more."

Sukhjinder Singh, CEO of

I joined SUM because everyone was welcoming and I felt a strong sense of community with a go-getter culture. I wanted to have close friends on campus while learning at the same time and I ended up finding a second family that pushes me to my full potential.

Gaury Verma, Gaury verma Photography